Bericht van Cameron Balloons in Bristol

G-CJUO krijgt nieuwe thuis in België
22 mei 2020
Deze Belgische Cameron Sport90 weegt 69kg
3 juni 2020

Bericht van Cameron Balloons in Bristol

Before we update about life here at Cameron Balloons… we sincerely hope that you, your family and friends are safe and well… this terrible pandemic has without doubt, changed things for us all…

In the last few weeks, at Cameron Balloons, a dedicated staff team have worked carefully in the factory implementing the UK Government’s pandemic Health & Safety guidelines to our workplace.

Now that these extra safety measures are in place, we are delighted to inform, that we have started a careful post-lockdown, phased, return to work.

This has sadly required us all to change many working normal practices and procedures.

For example, for the immediate future we will not be able to accept unannounced visitors to the factory.

So, if a customer wishes to pick-up or drop-off any components, they will need to make an appointment time with Lindsay or Andy on 0117 963 7216 and will be informed of and will need to follow a drop-off / pick-up procedure.

Over the next week, we will endeavour to update all of our customers personally with their revised delivery dates, once we have been able to ascertain the status of our suppliers and obtained a feel for the capabilities of our, for the time-being, reduced in numbers, Production Teams.

We also are aware of and understand the pressing need for a number of spare parts so with that in mind, we will aim to have Cameron Balloons’ Aftersales up-and-running as a priority.

We hope to be able to get a more regular service back in place as soon as possible across all of our departments but this may take a few weeks or so, depending on further UK Government instructions.

Lastly and most importantly, on behalf of us all at Cameron Balloons, may we thank you for your kind understanding and patience whilst we do all we can to get back to manufacturing and ballooning. Thank you.